Duration : 4 days (over 2 weekends)

Next Start Date : Saturday May 6th

Ableton Live Weekend Course

Manchester MIDI School is an Ableton Certified Training Centre


Ableton Live is known as the sequencer you can play like an instrument. Since it’s introduction to the market in 2001, it has become the favoured solution for many high profile artists and DJs when creating original music, remixing, DJing or performing live.

Our 4 day weekend course is aimed at complete beginners and those with a basic knowledge of Ableton Live or music production generally.

Initially, an “everyday” working knowledge of the software is taught, moving on to general music production and performance techniques as the course progresses. You will leave the course with a good understanding of how the software works, and plenty of ideas for how you might start to put tracks together at home.

ableton laptop course
Ableton Certified Training

“As the worldwide Ableton user community has grown, the demand for high quality Ableton Live training led to requests from educators and professionals for an official, Ableton-approved qualification. To meet these needs, the Certification Program was launched by Ableton in 2008. Since the Program’s inception we have certified only the best and most capable trainers and teachers in order to ensure that the Ableton user community has access to a high standard of training.”

Course Overview

  • Session view

    Creating Clips with samples
    Launch & stop Clips
    Track/Scene concepts

  • Audio effects

    Adding/Hot swapping FX
    Clip envelopes
    Re-ordering FX
    Send & Return FX

  • MIDI instruments

    What is MIDI?
    Creating beats with Impulse
    Creating bass with Simpler
    Basic synthesis

  • Arrangement 1

    Recording a Jam
    Basic Editing
    Adding extra samples

  • Arrangement 2

    Beat Mashing
    Recording audio
    Audio to MIDI

  • Intro to Mixdown

    Balance & Pan
    Basic EQ
    Sidechain effects



Gain a thorough ‘everyday’ working knowledge of Ableton Live – taken from a beginner level upwards



Learn the workflow and nuances of Live, for both professional studio and performance based application



Get to grips with creating and editing MIDI, audio, sequencing, adding effects, and taking remote control



Learn general, transferrable production skills such as sound design, arrangement and basic mixdown

Course structure

Next start date: 1st weekend: Saturday May 6th & Sunday 7th 10am-3pm

2nd weekend: Saturday May 13th & Sunday 14th 10am-3pm

+ plus 4 weeks unlimited practical time.

Course information

  • Duration

    4 lessons over 2 weekends

  • Course fees

    £395 / £445

  • Start Dates

    May 6, 7, 13, 14
    July 22, 23, 29, 30

  • Timetable

    Lessons 10am – 3pm

  • Age


  • Suitability

    Total beginners welcome!

Course Fees

Option 1: £395 advance payment (save £50)

Option 2: Reg fee (£50) to secure place
+ £395 
due no later than 14 days before start date. Total £445.

Registration closes Thursday 5pm before the course starts.

Wheelchair Access

There is no wheelchair access on the premises at present. Provision will be made wherever possible for tutors to site-visit and teach on a 1-2-1 basis.

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