4 days (over 2 weekends)

Next Start Date : Saturday March 18th 10 - 3pm

Logic Pro Course

Learn to produce music, using logic pro x


Never has the electronic music scene been so diverse, exciting, and so easy to be a part of. The explosion in the amount of affordable, professional-level home studio kit, and the opportunity to have your music heard by anyone with an internet connection has brought music production to a whole new group of people.

Are you excited about the prospect of writing electronic music, but are unsure where to start? Not sure what kit to buy? Unsure how to get the most out of the kit you might already own? Are you desperate to turn the ideas in your head into a finished track?

Every element of music production on Logic Pro X (mac only) is covered: from creating ideas using software and hardware instruments and audio samples, through to the arrangement and mixdown of your finished track. If you’re a PC user, check out our equivalent Ableton Live Course. 

Individual Workstations

learn music production

The EMP course is a no-nonsense crash course which will show you exactly what you need to know to start producing tracks in any style of your choosing. You will be using a combination of computer-based sequencing software, virtual instruments, effect processors and hardware.



Classes take place in our Midi Lab, where you will have ample time to practice, ask questions and get advice tailored to the type of music you are trying to create.

Each student will have their own workstation (a supercharged iMac) with a large selection of virtual instruments and effects to get to grips with. Apple’s Logic Pro X (mac only) is the focus of the course, although students are introduced to other DAWs on the market to help give a balanced view.



This short course is an ideal stepping stone for beginners who aren’t sure about committing to a diploma course, answering any questions you may have on music production.

Each lesson builds on the techniques gained during the course, incrementally adding new elements to the track you’re writing. You will leave us with a finished track, and a good idea of what kit you’ll need to get started at home, or how best to use the kit you might already have.

Next start date – March 18th 2017, 19th & March 25th, 26th 10am – 3pm (2 weekends) of training, and 4 weeks with unlimited practice time.

The content of the course was amazing given the time frame – we covered so many different aspects, I left the course with a whole new angle on producing.

Jason Walker – EMP Course

Subjects Covered

  • Music Software

    Introduction to Logic Pro X
    The interface
    Drum beats

  • Midi

    What is MIDI?
    Manipulating  instruments
    Creating a bassline
    Construction of electronic music

  • Arrangement

    How to sequence your ideas
    Inserts and aux sends
    Adding lead and pad elements

  • Audio

    Audio samples & loops
    Recording, editing and audio
    Building song structure

  • Mixing

    Compression & EQ
    Dynamics in a track
    Reverb and delay devices

  • Mastering

    What is mastering?
    Basic mastering techniques
    Multi-band compression

Course information

  • Notice

    Logic Pro X is not Windows compatible.

  • Start date

    March 18th, 19th
    & March 25th, 26th 2017

  • Timetable

    2 weekends,
    10am – 3pm

  • Suitability

    No experience


  • Course fees

    Course fees

    paid in advance

  • Ages


Registration closes on Friday at 6pm of the week of the course.

Please note, registrations received after this time will be transferred to the next date. Without a course place confirmation letter from a course coordinator, you are unable to attend the course. The email auto reply you receive upon registration is not course confirmation.

Wheelchair Access

There is no wheelchair access on the premises at present, however provision will be made wherever possible for tutors to site-visit those wishing to study on a 1-2-1 basis.

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