Some recommended accommodation options

Short Stay

On a shorter course with MMS? We’ve got a selection of local hotels and hostels.

Student Halls

If you’re relocating for a longer course, but you don’t want to rent a flat or a house.

Flat/House Sharing

If you’re relocating for a longer course, but you don’t want to stay in student halls.

Which area is right for me?

Manchester Midi School is located to the North West of the city centre, just a 10-minute walk into town. If you’re only in Manchester for a short stay, we would recommend staying in the city centre as you can walk to MMS and get a feel for what is going on in Manchester. Check out our short-stay suggestions below.

If you’re looking at relocating to Manchester, whether in student halls or in a flat-share, there is a variety of areas we can recommend to live depending on your budget and what you’re looking for. Please read below for detailed information on student halls and flat-shares. 

Short Stay

Nearest to Manchester MIDI School. Recommended for those traveling long distances or to attend short courses:

Prices quoted are for basic en suite single private rooms (where applicable) and inclusive of V.A.T (midweek). Weekend discounts may be available. Check accommodation details at time of booking.

  • Air BNB Manchester

    Private room rental
    in a local Manchester
    person’s house,
    from as little as £19

  • The Black Lion Hotel

    65 Chapel Street
    M3 5BZ
    0161 637 6960

  • Stay Inn Manchester

    55 Blackfriars Road
    M3 7DB
    0161 907 2277

  • Premier Inn Spinningfields

    Irwell Street
    M3 5EN
    0871 527 9550

  • YHA Manchester

    Potato Wharf
    M3 4NB
    0161 214 2157

  • Hatters Hostel

    50 Newton Street
    M1 2EA
    0161 236 9500

  • The Merchant Hotel

    31 Back Piccadilly
    M1 1HP
    0161 236 2939

  • Ibis Salford Quays

    19 Trafford Road
    M5 3AW
    0161 848 0898

Relocation: Different areas of Manchester

If you are relocating to Manchester, then depending on your budget we would recommend any of the following areas – which are all well connected to MMS via bus, tram and train. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we would always recommend coming and looking at the areas in person if you can.

If you’d like to know more about how to travel from a certain area into MMS, use the school’s postcode ‘M3 6DB’ as the destination. We recommend using this route planner.

Areas with an asterisk* are those most lived in by MMS Students.


Manchester City Centre

This is an area just North of the city centre which falls directly on the New Islington metrolink stop (1 stop from the city centre on the Ashton-under-Lyne line). This has a lot of young professionals living in new-built apartment buildings, great for 1 and 2 bed flat-shares.

*Northern Quarter

Manchester City Centre

This is an area directly in the city centre just north of the Arndale, which has a lot of boutique bars, restaurants, clubs and a strong arts scene. If you have a large budget and want to live in the city centre we would recommend here, in a 1 or 2 bed flat share.

*Chapel Street

*Chapel Street, from Salford University to Blackfriars Road

This is the road MMS is on so is by far closest, and has a large variety of student accommodation options, such as X1 Lettings and Vimto Gardens. We would advise anywhere between Salford University, coming into town past MMS to Blackfriars Road. This also has Islington Mill on it, a great arts and music space.  


South Manchester – down Oxford and Wilmslow Road

Rusholme is a student area with a large Asian population. This area is fondly known as ‘curry mile’ due to its numerous Indian restaurants, which are open until late along with late-night ice-cream and shisha bars. Rent is relatively cheap, and is just 15 minutes from town on a bus, and within walking distance of Manchester museum and Whitworth Park.


South Manchester – down Oxford and Wilmslow Road

Fallowfield has a massive student area due to Owen’s Park (Manchester University student halls), with lots of bars and takeaways. This area is near the impressive Plattfields Park. 20 minutes from town on a bus, rent is relatively cheap but can be inflated by landlords due to the the student population.


South Manchester – down Oxford and Wilmslow Road

Withington is still quite a student area, but slightly further out with more young professionals living in the area. A nice selection of bars and restaurants, and just a short walk down the lovely Burton Road to West Didsbury and Sale water park. Rent may be slightly more than Rusholme and Fallowfield, 25 minutes on a bus.


South Manchester – down Princess Road

Hulme has a strong community spirit, with allotments, a nice park, Zion Arts Centre and a great restaurant called Kim by the Sea. It’s very close to a large ASDA, and within walking distance of the city centre or a short bus ride. 

*Whalley Range

South Manchester – down Princess Road

Whalley Range is a very green area, next to the lovely Alexandra Park. Houses here tend to be large mansions converted into flats, with options for 1 and 2 bed flat-shares. It has very little in the way of restaurants and bars as historically it was a Quaker owned area – so for night-life you would need to look to the city centre or Chorlton. It is within walking distance of a very large ASDA, and 25 minutes on a bus to the city centre.


South Manchester – down Princess Road

Chorlton has a reputation for being quite Bohemian, with a large organic food initiative. It’s a green area connected to the River Mersey and Sale Water Park, whilst equally having a very good night-life and selection of bars and restaurants. Rent can be quite high, with maybe a 40 minute commute by bus.  

Old Trafford

South West Manchester – down A56

Old Trafford – near the infamous Manchester United Football Stadium! This area lends itself to quite cheap rents but it quite industrialised and relatively sparse in terms of things to do, however is near to the city centre and has the metrolink running through it.


South West Manchester – down A56

Stretford has good metrolink and train links, and areas of it can be quite green with Turn Moss Playing Fields and Stretford Meadows. It is definitely more family oriented than a student area however.


South West Manchester – down A56

Sale is a nice borough situated on the outskirts of Manchester, which again has good metrolink and train links, but is quite a commute in. Has the benefit of Sale Water Park, which is a beautiful sprawling green area.


South East Manchester – down Stockport Road

Levenshulme – houses here are generally very large, and lend themselves to cheap rent and large house-shares. There is not unfortunately much going on in the way of a night-life or bars and restaurants.


South East Manchester – down Stockport Road

Stockport – quite far out from Manchester city centre but rent is generally cheaper as a result. There are nice and not so nice areas of Stockport so it’s worth looking around in person if you’re thinking about here.

Travelling in to save money

It is worth noting that Manchester has a fantastic transport network, with one of the best bus networks in Europe, 3 train stations and an ever-growing tram network. This means that living a little bit further out and travelling in could save you a lot of money compared with living nearer the city centre. As a diploma student, you can get a student railcard saving you a 1/3 on your rail travel, and a student bus pass if travelling by bus – these are detailed below.


If you travel in by bus, there are 2 main bus services – Stagecoach, and First. Both of these bus services have a night service running until 4am, and both services have a price of £1 per bus journey on their networks, if you’d prefer not to get a long-term bus pass. An annual academic student rider (valid for 9 months from September to July) with Stagecoach is just £205 for unlimited bus travel on their services, which focus mainly on South Manchester. With First, you can get a SystemOne card for a 12 months for £510, which allows you unlimited travel on their bus services, which cover a wider-range of areas reaching both from South Manchester and up into the North of Greater Manchester.


If you’re travelling in by tram, have a look at the Metrolink network map. Unfortunately trams tend to be more expensive than buses, and do not offer student discounts on travel. Our nearest tram stops are St Peter’s Square in the city centre (15 minutes walk to MMS) and Deansgate (10 minute walks to MMS). With regards to the accommodation areas we would advise, the Metrolink lines to look at are East Didsbury, Manchester Airport and Altrincham.

Here’s the map to have a look at


If you’re studying a diploma course with us you will be able to get a student railcard, which will save you 1/3 off all your rail travel.

If you’re travelling in by train, we have Salford Central Rail Station (3 minutes walk from MMS), or the very well connected Manchester Victoria station (12 minutes walk from MMS). These stations connect you to the surrounding areas of the North.

Alternatively, if you’re getting a train into Manchester Piccadilly, this is Manchester’s best connected station from all areas of the UK, and you would be looking at a 25 minute walk across town. Manchester Oxford Road is also very well connected to areas in the South, and would be a 15 minute walk to MMS.

Student Halls

If you’re relocating to Manchester, but unsure of whether student halls or a flat-share option would suit you better, perhaps consider these options when looking at student halls.

There are a lot of student halls around Manchester. They are generally going to be considerably more expensive than a house/flat-share but have the benefit of being generally an all-in-one package – so your rent and bills are included, with the internet setup etc. 

Student halls differ depending on what you want and your budget – some are self-contained flats, others you may have to share a bathroom or kitchen with other students.

You’ll be mixing with a lot of new people that are also all new to Manchester, who will be from a variety of backgrounds – some studying university courses, others studying a private course such as yours. They will most likely be aged 18-21 years old, however there may some mature students.

A lot of students in student halls will have a ‘freshers’ mentality and will be up for getting very involved with the Manchester nightlife, this may be a good thing or bad thing depending on your personality! If you’d like to make new friends but perhaps not be totally exposed to the freshers culture, renting a self-contained flat in a student hall residence might be best.

Also consider the tenancy length if you’re renting in student halls, as most will want to tie you into a contract that is September – September, not all will have the option to rent for 6 month periods should you want this flexibility.

Finally check out the rent-payments and how this is decided, as some may ask you to pay the year upfront, or in termly quarters. Each hall is different however, so it is worth shopping around. Here’s some recommended links to look at.

House and Flat Sharing

If you’re relocating to Manchester, but unsure of whether student halls or a flat-share option would suit you better, perhaps consider these options when looking at house and flat-sharing. 

House and flat-shares can work out cheaper than student halls. You can get somewhere from as little as £250/pcm including bills, up to about £375/pcm including bills, depending on the area you’re looking at and the number of people you’re looking to share with. 

With a house or flat-share you will normally be sharing with between 1 – 4 people. If you end up sharing with people you get on with this can be brilliant as they can introduce you to new friendship groups and areas of Manchester.

The people you can house-share with will generally be 2nd or 3rd year university students, mature students, or young professionals, which will (but not always) be less of the ‘freshers’ mentality than actual freshers. You will have to look carefully at the descriptions for the type of tenant they would like to live with when applying, and the descriptions of them to see if you’d be a good match.

Tenancy lengths with house and flat shares will generally have a lot more flexibility – some will be on a rolling monthly basis, others are generally negotiable for a 6 month period. If you’re searching, then you should be able to begin the tenancy within the month or 2 months of when you contact them.

The terms of the tenancy will differ in that some will have bills included, others will not. If bills are not included you will have to ensure you pay the bills with your flatmates equally and on time – this will generally be council tax, gas and electricity, internet. It is important for this reason that you feel confident with those that you live with, knowing that they pay their bills on time and keep the house to the standards you would expect.


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