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Propellerheads Reason Courses, Learn online, with access to learning materials available 24 hours a day 7 days per week. See how to use Reason in a structured training program

Reason Online Courses


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Propellerhead - Reason

Thanks Damian for being such a great help when i was around
at Midi School. I really appreciated all the work and connections
you helped me with and for that I'm really grateful.

Waseem Faraz Butt - Diploma Course

We run 2 online Reason courses:enrol-now

- Reason 6/6.5 (Six) online course - 10 weeks.

Perfect for those who have just bought the latest instalment of Propellerhead Reason, which includes new instruments, effects processors, a new mixer, and the ability to be able to record, import and edit audio directly in the sequencer, We are the first and only Propellerhead Reason Training centre to offer the Reason 6/6.5 course online.

- Reason 5 (Five) online course - 8 weeks.

Suitable for those who own a copy of Reason 5 (Five)or earlier.

Our online Reason courses have 2 main aims:

- To give the student a full working knowledge of Propellerhead Reason

- To equip the student with transferrable general music production skills

Propellerheads Reason - Online Training with video tutorials

reason online pic 2

reason online pic 3

reason online pic 3

Both courses are taken from a beginner level upwards. No prior use of Reason, general music production experience, or music theory knowledge is required - the course will teach you everything you need to know from scratch.

You will start by learning the basic functions of Reason, with general MIDI creation and editing techniques. The course will build week by week introducing new instruments and techniques culminating in the mixdown stage during the latter part of the course. You will leave the course with a finished track, and a good idea of how to progress from there.

During the course we will provide feedback on anything you want to submit, course-based or otherwise. This could be via a screen share, tailored video feedback, via our class forum board, or simply via email.

When you enrol on one of our online courses, you become part of a class who will progress through the course at the same rate. You can create yourself a personal profile with links to your other social media, which will allow you to interact with the tutor and your classmates. There is the opportunity to share ideas, problems, and ways of working via our online chat room, and class forum board. For further detail on our learning portal, please download the PDF attached to this page.