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Training With Manchester MIDI School supported by as much 2-way interaction as the student feels they need in our dedicated Online Training Environment


Online Training Introduction

I would like to thank DJ Mark One for a "magical" day that I attended yesterday on the DJ Tasters coarse, I would just like to point out to his management team what a superb job he does, excellent ambassador for the school and truly inspirational.

Chris Watson

Welcome to Online Training from Manchester MIDI School - a leading provider of cutting edge tuition in music production, audio engineering and DJing since 1997.

The ethos behind our online courses is to provide accredited MMS tuition to people who live too far away from the School to attend one of our courses in person.

Our online learning environment is designed to make students feel like they are part of a two way interactive learning process - a feeling that is often absent from online courses. The learning portal has been custom designed to feel like a classroom environment. On it, you can create yourself a profile, interact with other course members, and everything you will need for your course, including any extra resources, will be available from this one site.

learn music production in your Home Recording Studio

Courses are principally video based, and are supported by as much 2-way interaction as the student feels they need. This is done via regular contact with both the tutor and other students. You can obtain video feedback on anything you might be working on - not just course material.

There is the option to attend real-time discussion in our online chat room, and also partake in screen-share sessions with the tutor on a one-to-one basis. There are also extensive supporting materials for each course including example projects, samples, and written notes.