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Teaching Cubase for over 14 years, one of the first Certified Steinberg Training Centres in the UK, Online Cubase courses available in our dedicated Online Learning Environment

Steinberg Cubase

Cubase Online Courses

Cubase - Online Training

Welcome to Cubase Online Training at Manchester MIDI School.

The MIDI School are offering a range of Cubase online courses. For the new producer or people looking to make a switch from another DAW, online Cubase courses at Manchester MIDI School will show you everything you need to know to find your way around the software and start making music. Our online Cubase producer courses will show existing users how to comprehensively compose and produce music of different styles using Cubase as the DAW of choice.

Steinberg Cubase Tutorials available online

What is Cubase?

Steinberg's Cubase software is a comprehensive music production system with a pedigree which stretches back 22 years. The first MIDI-only version released in 1989, was the first to pioneer the graphical arrangement window which has been taken up by pretty much every other DAW since.

Things have moved on considerably since then. Cubase can be used to compose, record, edit and mix audio and MIDI. It comes with a huge array of virtual instruments and effects devices (1900 preset sounds out of the box), and can play host to third party VST instruments.

This course will be available from Summer 2013.

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