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The Mixdown, the most important audio engineer's skill. Mastering to give your music the commercial presence

Modules Music Production

Module 3 - Mixdown and Mastering

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Production School - Award Winning

Mixdown and mastering are a key set of skills which enable you to turn your track from a collection of sounds into a finished piece of music. This module will introduce all the tools you have at your disposal to achieve this.

In today’s bedroom producer culture, a great mix has never been more important to achieve and will give you a vital edge in a saturated marketplace. You might have written an amazing track, but if the mix is undefined, muddy, and lacking in focus then it probably won’t find it’s way into the collection of your favourite DJ.

If you’re looking to get music signed, you will be ahead of the curve if you can mix and master your tracks to a professional standard: we will show you everything you need to know to achieve clear, defined, punchy mixes using a variety of hardware and software processors, mixing on a range of studio monitors, in a variety of acoustic environments.

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  • Parameters on a parametric EQ?
  • The graphic equaliser
  • How to EQ correctively?
  • Creative EQ



  • Compression parameters
  • Where to apply compression
  • Using sidechain compression
  • Hardware and Software compressors


Noise Gates

  • What is a noise gate
  • When to use a noise gate
  • Cleaning up sounds
  • Creative sidechain gated effects

Audio Effects

  • Insert effects
  • Send and Return effects processing
  • Buses in Logic
  • Applying reverb and delay correctly


Mixing Down

  • What is mixdown & how to mix music?
  • How to create a stereo mix
  • The key elements of a mix
  • Mixing "in the box"



  • What is Mastering?
  • Mastering processes
  • DAW and hardware equipment
  • Pro Mastering Studios

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