Doing the course on a 3G dongle  

Doing the course on a 3G dongle

Postby Darren Bouther » July 11th, 2011, 6:58 pm

Hi Tom

Is there any chance the video footage can be reduced to be watchable on a dongle?
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Re: video issues

Postby Tom » July 12th, 2011, 11:04 am

Hi mate,

Because of the length of the videos, and the fact that we need to keep the quality as high as possible so that you guys can see the sometimes fine detail on Live clearly whilst watching them, I can't compress the files any more. I'd have to say that as great as dongles are for doing basic internetting, they're not ideal for watching movies and streaming online because of the relatively slow speeds you get compared with broadband. That been said, I've tested the course out using the Mrs' PC with dongle internet and it works fine. I can only summise that the location your doing the course in doesn't have the best 3G signal - when this is the case, you don't even get 3G internet, your connection will drop to almost dial-up speeds. Could I ask you to visit and drop me an email with the reported speed you're getting from your connection? Do you not have an alternative broadband internet connection at all?

To give you an crude approximation of the strength of connection you will need to watch the course, try watching something like 4oD/iPlayer using the dongle, and again drop me an email with the results. You will probably have no problem watching YouTube etc because the files are generally shorter, and much more compressed, thus reducing file size, but also quality - something we're trying to avoid.

We've also moved to Amazon EC2 Cloud hosting for the fastest possible hosting/streaming available.

Drop me a line,

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