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Reason courses on Propellerhead's software, a great music production package for both beginners and advanced users. Learn tips and tricks on getting the best out of Reason

1 on 1 Training

Reason Training

I would just like to say thanks for everything on the course because i feel it has made my production better massively and i feel like my music actually sounds good now than before i did it. :)

Jonny Batchelor - Music Production & Audio Engineering Diploma 2012

Reason is a great software package for beginners and advanced users alike. Unlike any other DAW, it has a realistic graphical representation of all the instruments and effects used in your composition.

You can even take a look around the back of your virtual 'rack' to see how everything is wired together, furthering understanding of how the hardware studio might work. Advanced users can learn the benefits of 'Rewiring' - connecting Reason to programs like Logic, Cubase, or Live - harnessing your favourite aspects of each DAW.

Propellerhead Reason Training with experienced tutors

Propellerhead prides itself on the stability of Reason - the sequencer, instruments, mixer, effects etc are all designed and produced by Propellerhead to ensure that everything works seamlessly together. There is everything you need out of the box to start producing music of a professional standard.

The sonic capabilities of Reason's instrument arsenal can be extended with special packs called 'Refills' which can be purchased from Propellerhead, or downloaded for free from a huge range of forums and sites, ensuring that you never run out of sounds to play with.

Possible topics for one on one training might include:

Reason Basics

  • Reason Interface
  • Re-Drum programming 
  • Arpeggiators
  • Use of FX
  • Automation in Reason
  • Dr Octorex

Reason Advanced

  • Understanding manual routing
  • Modulation with CV signals
  • Sampling 
  • Pattern select automation
  • Arrangement and mixdown
  • Reason's instruments

As with all our one on one training, you can either learn functionality specific to Reason, general production techniques with Reason as the backdrop, or both!