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Music Production and Audio Engineering 15 Month Diploma course - suited to those looking to become a music producer, artist, sound or mastering engineer

15 Month Course


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Next Diploma Course Start Date 9th April 2014

Ben, I'm really enjoying the course thanks. I still feel like I hardly know anything but when I look back on how much I knew at the start of the course I have definitely learnt a lot!!

Natasha Carter - 2013 Diploma Student

Course Name: »»»» Music Production and Audio Engineering Diplomaenrol-now

Duration: » »»»»»»» 15 Months

Incorporates »»»»»»Modules 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6

Our 15 month course is suited to those looking to become a music producer, artist or audio engineer. The modules included in this course will teach you how to create and produce music in a range of styles to a professional standard. You’ll also learn how to work with and record a variety of instruments and musicians in a commercial environment. There’ll be as much support and guidance as you feel you need from our support staff during your practical sessions to help you achieve the sound you’re looking for. You will also have access to online resources to supplement your learning during your time with us. In short, the 15 month course will provide you with a full practical knowledge of the DAW-based recording studio.

No prior experience of recording studios, music production generally, or even music theory knowledge is required to take our 15 month course.

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In addition to your scheduled lectures, you’ll be invited along to regular guest lectures, delivered by a variety of industry leading figures such as: artists, label managers, software companies, and DJs, who share their experiences and give invaluable advice on many different areas of the industry.

Our staff are certified tutors who work professionally as producers and engineers (with many credits between them) alongside their teaching roles at MMS.

Many graduates from MMS who choose the artist route go on to have their work released, or release material on their own labels. Many have also had success working in commercial engineering and production roles at various studios around the country. Others have taken their skills to the BBC, radio production, or Djing. For further information, please take a look at our ‘Success and Feedback’ and ‘Artist Gallery’ pages.

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